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Professional Photography Classes and Professional P.P.A. Accredited Workshops 

Anyone can pick up a camera or phone and call themselves a photographer.  Photographers range in skill, experience, and fundamental imaging knowledge.  Professional photography classes give you the advantage of helping direct your learning with hands-on instruction. Small class sizes improve the learning experience and promote growth.  Each class or workshop we offer is taught by a Certified Professional Photographer or Master's level artist. All PPA workshops are accredited by the Professional Photographers of America for continuing education credit.  Make your journey to creative success a smooth and informative one.  Join us for a Professional  Master Class or P.P.A. Accredited Workshop! 

Why Choose Us?

Investment Decisions

Professional Photographers know the value of using the best tools.  From quality glass to amazing cameras, lighting rigs to software, investing in quality gear improves your workflow and bottom line.  Make sure you invest in the most important component of your business - yourself.  With PPA Workshops you can be certain that the quality of education is top-tier.  Whether your focus is portraiture or landscape, macro or models, we have classes and workshops that will enhance your skill set and technical proficiency.  Our classes and workshops are taught by a Certified Professional Photographer (C.P.P.) with advanced training in photographic concepts and methods. Choose from our P.P.A. accredited or non-credited Spring or Fall Workshop Sessions by clicking on one of the links below.

PPA Workshop for Credit

KKCP Workshop Uncredited   

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